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Watermelon Room Spray – Capture the Essence of Summer

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Revel in the sweet nostalgia of summer days with our Watermelon Room Spray. This fragrance is a tribute to the simple joys of childhood summers, featuring the refreshing aroma of freshly sliced watermelon that instantly brightens any space.

The scent journey begins with a top note of honeydew melon, providing a bright and fruity punch that invigorates the senses. As the spray settles, a robust middle note of watermelon emerges, enhancing the fragrance with its rich, authentic sweetness. The experience is perfectly rounded out with a base note of sugar, amplifying the natural sweetness of watermelon to recreate the delightful taste of that first juicy bite on a warm summer day.

Our Watermelon Room Spray comes in a convenient 4 oz bottle, making it easy to transform any area into a summery haven. It’s ideal for use in bathrooms, living spaces, cars, RVs, bedding, closets, and more. Formulated with water, fragrance, an emulsifier, and a preservative, our sprays are plant-based and carcinogen-free, ensuring they are safe for air, fabric, and pets.

Why You’ll Love It:

  • Evokes the joyful, carefree days of summer with each spray.
  • Long-lasting fragrance that refreshes any environment.
  • Safe for use around family and pets due to its non-toxic formula.

Bring the uplifting aroma of summer into your home or any space with our Watermelon Room Spray, and let the sweet, vibrant scent of watermelon fill the air, creating a cheerful and inviting atmosphere wherever you are.


  • Plant Based
  • Carcinogenic Free
  • Long lasting
  • Made with renewable recorces
  • Made with recycled materials
  • Made in the USA

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