Fox & Wolfs 2023 Valentines Day Collection Has Arrived

Fox & Wolfs 2023 Valentines Day Collection Has Arrived


  • Fox & Wolf just dropped its Valentines Day Collection of 2023
  • The Candle Brand and body care is launching 6 products in total for the holiday.
  • Fox & Wolf Valentines line makes a great gift for your loved one and yourself

Ah, Valentines day the smells of love seems to come so quickly. Weather your think its a silly holiday or not your cant deny that Fox & Wolf delivers the goods when it comes to the amazedly unique fragrances candles fragrances. This year, there are six products in total. with out favorites back in stock. Plus our new gift sets! Individual products like our famous Sea Salt Orchid and our amazingly masculine Business Casual and fun and flirtatious First Love.

In addition to these our favorites we have the gift sets available this year the Alpha's (Alpha Masculine and Feminine). These sets go beautifully with our variety of home fragrance and bath products.

But enough ogling; you can read on and shop Fox & Wolfs Valentines Day 2023 collection for your loved one (and yourself ;) )


Fox & Wolfs Sea Salt Orchid Candles

Picture of candle with orchids and salt in the background

Sea Salt Orchid Medium Candle


Fox & Wolf Business Casual Candle

Business Casual Medium Candle


Fox & Wolf Alphas Bundle


Alpha Masculine and feminine Bundle


Fox & Wolf First Love


First love Medium Candle


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