Sniff the Difference with Fox & Wolf Where Every Whiff is a Whiff of Wonder!

Light up your senses, not just your candles! We are a team of passionate Modern Goths who love bringing beauty to the dark world.

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After shopping at normal stores we knew something was missing

Fox & Wolf kicked off in 2019 to shake up the home fragrance game. Tired of the same old floral overload and seas of pastel? So were we. Our mission? To deliver bold, unique scents for those who dare to differ.


Despite the pandemic, Fox & Wolf weathered the storm with flair, all thanks to our local cult following. As word spread like wildfire, we had no choice but to launch a website to keep up with the buzz. Before we knew it, we were busting out of our small space and into the big leagues!

Behind Fox&Wolf

As the pandemic rolled on, the boss lady at Fox & Wolf faced a choice: wrap it up like so many others, or supercharge this venture into something epic. Spoiler alert: we chose growth, and we’re not looking back!

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