Our candles FAQs

Why is my candle so strong

We like to have a Strongly scented candle and Some Fragrances can be stronger that other depending on your pallet. ways to help with strongly scented candles are to place in a larger room or burning for a shorter amount of time.

Rule of thumb for candles are tea lights for small rooms like bathrooms, 1 wick for a normal size rooms. 3 or more wicks for large rooms or open concept rooms.

why are my candles tunneling

candle tunneling are brought about in several ways. the most common is that it is blown out too soon and did not establish a proper melt pool in the beginning. other tunneling problems are. the tempter of the space provided, (we recommend burning the candles in a space that is in the mid 60f to high 70fs) and the last possibility is that the wick is the improper size for the candle container. all of our candles have been rigorously tested to perform under basic and extreme conditions. but we understand mistakes can happen with being a handmade product. as well as competitor products.

what wax do we use

we use a plant based way with a proprietary blend or soy, coconut, and ethically sourced palm wax. our wax in non toxic to humans and animals if accidently ingested.

Are your fragrances safe

Yes! we have sought out the finest manufacture of fragrances that are safe for animals and humans. Most of our fragrances are even skin safe. (excuding fragrances that contain cinnamon and other strong rash causing items. please do not use other than as instructed on the packaging)

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