The Suductive Smells Of Fox & Wolfs Valentines Line

The Suductive Smells Of Fox & Wolfs Valentines Line

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Like seemingly everyone on the planet Fox & Wolf cant get enough of the romance of this time of year. As we listen to our favorite love songs Fox & Wolf revealed our favorite Valentines products that take our breath away. 

Fox & Wolf 2023 Valentines Collection is flying off the shelves because of the romantic goodies Like the Alpha's, First love and the Best sellers Sea Salt Orchid and Business Casual. The Signature candles retailing for $27 are made with Plant Based waxes and last a whopping 40 hours of burn time.. not wanting to spend that much? Fox & Wolf also has the same Fragrances in Room Sprays $9, and Car Fresheners $5 

Keep Reading for the Breakdown of what they actually smell like

Fox & Wolf Business Casual

All I can say is OMG! such an amazing masculine scent. As the name implies it smells vary expensive Cologne type, Clean with a touch of Water, maybe? Either way we can see why it is a best seller. This is the perfect scent for anyone in the masculine type of vibe or as gifts for your S.O.. According to the Owner, she sells the most of Car Fresheners and room sprays (did you know their room sprays are skin safe! now you do.)


Fox & Wolf Sea Salt Orchid

A wonderfully light floral scent. Its almost a warm fresha scent. nothing like the traditional rose scent that usually battles our sinuses this time of year. There is also a salty ocean type in the background. This has become a personal favorite and I haven't even lit the candle yet. 


Fox & Wolf Alpha Masculine

Similar to the Cologne aspects of Business Casual but it has way more of a bite to it with a fresh clean after scent. Like more of a party scent then a board room. I understand completely why its named Alpha, because it smells like someone that will get your attention in all the right ways.


Fox and Wolf Alpha Feminine

Right of the bat, its a sweet scent and ever so lightly floral. Perfect light spring scent that reminds me of making eye contact with the beauty at the spring festivals.


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