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San Antonio Car Freshener – Limited Addition Adventure Scent

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Elevate your drive with the bold and invigorating Limited Addition San Antonio Car Freshener. Designed for those who seek adventure and dare to explore, this fragrance captures the essence of risk-taking and excitement.

Start your sensory journey with top notes of ozone and crisp apple, mingling with fresh marine and cool mint, evoking the exhilarating rush of a daring escapade. Green floral accents enhance the freshness, setting a vibrant tone. As you venture further, middle notes of lush green leaves and aromatic eucalyptus add a layer of depth, leading you through a verdant trail. The adventure culminates in a rich base of earthy moss, soothing balsam, and warm sandalwood, grounding the experience in nature’s untouched beauty.

Our San Antonio Car Fresheners are crafted for longevity, offering up to three months of fresh and pleasant aromas. Easy to use, simply remove the plastic stopper, replace with the wooden top, and tilt to distribute a few drops of fragrance onto the wood. This ensures a sustained release of scent without over-saturation or leaking.

Discover the thrill of the open road with San Antonio Car Fresheners – your gateway to an adventurous driving experience.


  • Plant Based
  • Carcinogenic Free
  • Long lasting
  • Made with renewable recorces
  • Made with recycled materials
  • Made in the USA

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